Watson Diesel Repair LLC is located at  641 West Golden Pheasant Road
in Shelton WA. We are family owned and operated. Our mandate is:

        • Provide quality service and support
        • Give our customers value for their dollar
        • Respect our clients and employees and build  lasting relationships

Watson Construction Shelton Washington ExcavatorWe have been in business in Shelton and the surrounding area since 1977. Bob started at Simpson Timber Company in 1972 as fire watch at Camp Grisdale, then advanced into construction, running heavy equipment building Simpson logging roads. The next step was starting a heavy equipment company, Watson Construction Inc which specializes in fiber recovery, scarification, hauling, road building and rock walls. Watson Construction’s customer list includes Green Diamond, Weyerhaeuser, Port Blakely and Champion.

In 2010, with our extensive heavy equipment inventory, it made sense to to expand our enterprises to include a repair shop for our truck and equipment maintenance. Thus Watson Diesel Repair was a natural step forward.

We have been Members of the Shelton Chamber of Commerce since 1977.

We are enthused about our new expansion and welcome your inquiries. We look forward to earning your customer loyalty in the near future.


Bob & Stephanie Watson and Family

Bob and Stephanie Watson